The Eclectic Mind of Ryan

A Politically Incorrect Veteran With An Eclectic Mind



I’m really just a simple guy. I’m an Asian who doesn’t like math (don’t believe in stereotypes) and an Army Veteran of 15 years trying to make it in the civilian world as an office worker pushing paper. I have a beautiful wife and daughter who I love very much and they are the reason why I’ll work as hard as I do, and never quit.

In my civilian life I’ve worked in retail, and office administration. In my military life, I’ve been in the Artillery (Hah?! whatchu say?!) and Administration.

I wouldn’t mind blogging and vlogging full-time, but I have to make sure my family gets fed, clothed, and sheltered. I’ll do whatever it take for that to happen.

On to my “Eclectic” mind. I have varied tastes and interests in almost everything. I like Sci-Fi novels as much as I like Non-Fiction books. I love eating a well-made Caesar salad as much as I love eating a medium-well T-bone steak. I love to read comic books as much as I like reading books about History. I love modern technology, yet find pleasure using an abacus and a slide-rule. I have an awesome Logitech all-in-one remote control, yet still turn on the T.V. and cable box manually. I subscribe to the science of evolution and string-theory, yet still find interests and parallels to stories of creation found in religion. I’m socially inept, yet I’m a die-hard friend. I’m a loner, yet willing to become the life if party when called upon… if I answer the phone, hehehe. A staunch pacifist that wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in your face if you mess with what I love and hold dear. You get the idea…

In short, I’m like a salad bowl. A lot of things are in there just tossed together, waiting for consumption. Hit with a little bit of sriracha and Carolina reapers, cause I’m fiery like that.  My wife will disagree with the second part, as she knows anything spicy is my kryptonite.

My main goal is to share what I see that hopefully will be beneficial, informative, and most of all, entertaining. If I happen to spark a moment of soliloquy or deep thought, that’s a bonus in my book.

So welcome all, and prepare for a bumpy ride. The road on Ryan’s eclectic mind is rocky inside.


GET TO KNOW ME (influenced by Just Kidding Films) as of 16 September 2016:

  1. What’s Your Name?:  Ryan
  2. Why were you given that name?:  Well, after my parents couldn’t come up with a name after thinking about it for awhile, my older brother finally came up with my name.  The rest is history, as they say.
  3. What Are Your Nicknames?:  My friends just called me, “Mats,” and it stuck.
  4. How Tall Are You?:  5’6″ or 66″ for you vets out there.
  5. What Are You Allergic To?:  Shellfish and Mussels are the biggest ones.  Lobster, Crab, Clams, and Oysters make me go into anaphylactic shock and my epipen is always close by.  Latex gloves and eating Mangoes and Shrimp also make me break out in hives.  Much to my dismay, because I love to eat Lobster, Crab, Clams, Oysters, Mangoes, and Shrimp.  Sucks.
  6. Do You Have Any Body Modifications?:  No, my parents would kill me.  However, I do want to get a tattoo explaining my life.  I wanted to essentially make my back into a mural of sorts, the main emphasis being around the gods Hachiman and Bishamonten smashing Russian-made T-72 tanks with their feet, while in the background, Batteries of Artillery pieces fire for effect on the remaining tanks, and also Hachiman holding his fist in the air with a lightning bolt in it.  FiSTers… you know what that means.
  7. Are You Left-Handed, or Right-Handed?:  This is an interesting question.  I’m selectively ambidextrous.  I’m predominantly Left-Handed (Writing, Eating, Grabbing things, Digging my nose, Scratching my ass.  You know, the usual things us guys do.), but I’m Right-eye dominant.  So certain things that require hand-eye coordination force me to be Right-Handed, like shooting firearms.  Also, certain things were just taught to me Right-Handed and it stuck, like using a Bokken and Katana.  It was also forced upon me.  My Dad actually bought me left-handed for kindergarten, then the kindergarten teacher just threw it into the communal pile and forced me to use whatever scissors I got in my right hand, which royally pissed off my Dad, and that was one of the few times I’ve seen him come close to killing a fellow human being.  But I can use a pool cue in both hands, much to the dismay of my friends.
  8. What’s The Story Behind One Of Your Scars?:  I have a childhood scar on my scalp that required four stitches.  I was five years old at the time.  After being told multiple times on several occasions, “Don’t run in the house!”  What did my dumbass do?  Yup, I was running in the house, then I tripped on one of my toys that I didn’t put away, and gashed my head against one of the legs of the dining room table.  I got up and didn’t think much of it, until I felt something warm running down my head, and it was blood, lots of blood.  So I went into the kitchen where my Mom was preparing for dinner.  She had her back turned to me so she thought I was getting a drink or something so she wasn’t paying attention.  I moved a stool so I could reach the sink, then I turned on the cold water and proceeded to let the water clean my scalp, somehow thinking this would get the blood to stop.  My Mom turns around and lets out a blood-curdling scream, which wakes my Dad up who was on the couch and he runs into the kitchen, and they see me humming some tune (I think it was Thundercats.  Hey that cartoon is awesome!) while washing the blood out of my scalp.  My Dad instantly yells for my older brother who was in his room to wake up, and carried me over to the car, everybody got in, buckled up, and my Dad drove like a madman possessed to the hospital which was about 19 or 20 miles away.  After the hospital people checked to see if I had associated head trauma (You know, dilated pupil(s), fluid draining from my ears, tinnitus, headaches, dizziness, vomiting,) they proceeded to prep me to get my scalp stitched up.  They had to first shave that portion of my head to gain access to the gash in my scalp, then injected the local anesthetic and waited for it to take effect.  Then a nurse held me down and comforted me while the doctor proceeded to sew the stitches into my scalp.  The funny thing was, I was terrified, but I didn’t fuss, or scream, or even cry.  Of course I was too young to realize that I was going into shock.  But, after the event was over, I was perfectly fine.  They kept me at the hospital for observation for a couple hours, then we could go home.  My parents and older brother looked like they just came out of a war zone and their nerves were shot, and all everybody could think about was sleep.  This is proof positive that all children have brain damage.  When your parents tell you, “Don’t run in the house!” and “Put away your toys!”  There’s a very good reason why.
  9. Is There Anything Weird On Your Body?:  There used to be a wart that was right in the middle of my forehead.  Don’t ask me how it got there, it just did.  I finally went to a dermatologist two years ago (as of this entry) to remove it.  All is well.
  10. What’s Your Most Favorite Thing About Your Body?:  I would have to say, my eyes.  I know most people wouldn’t like to have the typical, “Asian Eyes” but I do.  Frankly, people with big eyes, especially with piercing stares, freak me the fuck out.
  11. How Many Are In Your Immediate Family and What’s Their Relation To You?:  Five.  My Dad, Mom, Older Brother, Wife, and Daughter.
  12. Do You Have Pets?:  Yes I do.  We have two cats that belong to my wife.  Also my daughter has a goldfish and some other little guppies that need to go on a weight-loss program.
  13. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?:  When I was younger, I did.  Then as I matured, I realized that it wasn’t Love, it was Lust I was feeling.  Since you’re asking me this question now, No, I don’t.  How can you Love someone you only saw?  You get to know someone and make that determination later.  Take it slow people, take it slow.
  14. Do You Believe In Kissing On The First Date?:  No, but… I’m not saying you shouldn’t.  It’s that instinct you must follow.  If you both feel it’s right, how can it be wrong?
  15. Who Should Pay On A Date?:  Okay, I’m a little old-fashioned, but the guy should pay.  It’s not to show how much money you make, it’s a sign of respect.  But, half and half is fine as well to alleviate tension.
  16. Who Should Make The First Move?:  Whomever wants to take things to the next level.
  17. Do You Like Pursuing Or Being Pursued?:  Pursuing, but in a passive sort of way.  It always ended up with the woman I’m pursuing, pursuing me back with great vigor.  Nothing wrong with that.
  18. Have You Ever Been Caught Masturbating?:  Nope
  19. Do You Kiss With Your Eyes Closed?:  Yes
  20. What Would You Instantly Change About Yourself If You Could?:  Keeping my temper in check, to be more socially conscious, and reducing my overall cynicism of the world.
  21. What Really Makes You Angry?:  Those who blatantly disrespect my wife or threaten her and my daughter in any shape and form, I WILL KILL YOU.  Also, interpreting my kindness as weakness… you’ll be sorely mistaken very quickly.
  22. What Motivates You To Work Hard?:  My wife and my daughter.  If you can’t understand that, I’m sure you don’t have a spouse or children yet… or just selfish in general if you do.
  23. What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Career?:  Well, let’s just say it’s challenging.  I’m always up for a challenge.  I work well under pressure.  Not self-induced pressure or procrastination, just pressure from the work itself.
  24. What Makes You Laugh The Hardest?:  Looney Tunes.  No matter how many times I watch those cartoons, I laugh so hard that it feels like my lovehandles are going to split down the middle.
  25. What Makes You Giggle?:  Seeing my daughter smile.  Parents, you know what I mean.
  26. What Makes You Cry The Easiest?:  I’ll admit it, a lot of things for various reasons.  Whether it’s due to various emotions such as sadness, anger, and frustration.  Or events in my life, such as the loss of a loved one… or when my daughter was born premature and seeing her connected to all the monitoring machines and ventilator, that made me cry a lot.
  27. What Do You Do To Relax?:  Spending time with my wife and daughter.  Reading a book.  Watching the Military History Channel.  Going to the firing range, although I need to do that more often, I’m just waiting for my daughter to grow up a little before taking her there.
  28. What Are Two Pet Peeves?:  People who ask for my advice and mock me for it.  People who interrupt me when I’m talking (I get it, I catch myself doing this from time to time) and do it over and over and over and over again… I will club you like a baby seal.
  29. Are You An Introvert Or An Extrovert?:  I personally feel I’m introverted, but many friends say that I act rather extroverted when I’m in a comfortable situation… that’s if you can get me to go to a situation like that in the first place.  Take it for what you will.
  30. What’s Your Favorite Sport?:  Martial Arts.  Martial Arts in general.  It not only helps build you physically, but also mentally, and makes you emotionally mature.  I’ve personally taken Judo, Aikido, and Kendo.
  31. What Was The Last Concert You Went To?:  Never did go to one.  I was either too tired because I got off-duty late, or I was on-duty.  Never was allowed to go when I was a teenager because my neighbors were always around and would snitch me out in a heartbeat if I tried to sneak out.
  32. What’s Your Favorite Movie?:  Patton
  33. What’s Your Favorite T.V. Show or Online Series?:  AIRWOLF
  34. What’s Your Favorite Color?:  Mostly it’s Blue, however, I prefer wearing Black… after all, not all heroes wear White.  Sho Kosugi rocked black.  Google him, he’s awesome.
  35. What’s Your Favorite Song?:  “Aitakute Ima” by MISIA and “First Love” by Utada Hikaru
  36. What’s Your Favorite Food?:  Steak.  What can I say?  Denis Leary said it best, “Meat tastes like murder, and murder tastes fucking gooooood…!”  But, murder has to be at least medium-well, with garlic and onions on top.  Mmmmmmm!
  37. What’s Your Favorite Season?:  Well, I live in Hawaii, so there is the wet-season, and the dry-season, and I don’t really like either one.  If you talk about everywhere else, I like Autumn because of the beautiful scenery.
  38. What’s Your Favorite Holiday?:  Any one that allows me to take off from work.  Of course with my work, I can rarely take off.  If you’re asking me this question for emotional attachment, then I would have to say Christmas.
  39. What’s Your Favorite Quote?:  “Be Swift as the Wind.  Be Silent as the Forest.  Be Fierce as the Fire.  Be Unmovable as the Mountain.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.
  40. Do You Sing In The Shower?:  I used to.  But now I kinda use that as one of my moments of quiet time, so No.
  41. What’s Your Biggest Fear?:  I have ten of them.  Spiders (FUUUUCK YOOOOOU!  They’re scary!), large crowds of people (they can be scarier than spiders), Clowns (Remember, John Wayne Gacy was a clown), the Icecapades (No, seriously, have you seen it?), any chili pepper as spicy or spicier than a Bhut Jolokia, getting mauled by a tiger, trampled by an elephant, surgeons who are cross-eyed with shaky hands, and getting hit by a bus… no, seriously, all of these are real.  My last and most serious one, dying as an unaccomplished person.
  42. How Would Your Friends Describe You?:  My really close friends would describe me as totally nuts, extremely politically incorrect, and makes being blunt look like an art form.
  43. What Are Your Hobbies?:  I used to go to the firing range a lot.  I like shooting handguns and rifles, something about that is therapeutic and I have to make time for it again.  I also like going to museums.  I also like going on food adventures with my wife.
  44. Do You Collect Anything?:  I used to collect various types of cards.  Magic the Gathering, Marvel comics cards, and comics in general… but now I just see it as a waste of space.
  45. What Was Your First Job?:  My first paying job was as a summer hire for a local medical insurance company… I can say, it was a start.
  46. How Many Languages Do You Speak?:  Fluently, only English.  The strange thing is, I cannot speak Japanese fluently, but I can understand it.  But I can offend you or cause international incidents in thirty-two languages and dialects.
  47. Where Is The Strangest Place You Have Peed?:  I was living in my van for a year (which was awesome by the way) and a 15-year military veteran.  Where haven’t I peed that wasn’t considered strange?
  48. What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing Your Parents Have Ever Caught You Doing?:  Re-enacting the famous scene in the movie, “Risky Business.”  I will never watch that movie ever again.
  49. If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World Right Now, Where Would You Go?:  Japan
  50. You Just Found Out You Have Just Won A Million Dollars, What’s The First Thing You Would Buy?:  I would buy a nice Class C Motorhome and a cozy house, pay off my debts and invest whatever is left.
  51. If You Could Choose To Do Anything For A Day, What Would It Be?:  To be the most awesome husband and father in the world.
  52. If You Could Only Eat One Meal For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be?:  Steak
  53. Would You Rather Ride A Bike, Ride A Horse, or Drive A Car?:  Drive a car.  There’s no air conditioning on a horse or a bike.
  54. What Regular/Famous Person Would You Want To Be Stranded With On A Deserted Island With?:  The first thing that pops into my head would be my wife and daughter, but I wouldn’t want to subject my wife and daughter to something like that, so I’ll say Hillary Clinton… after all, if I’m going to be stranded in Hell, I might as well have a lengthy conversation with the Devil.
  55. If Money Was Not An Issue, What Would You Do All Day?:  Honestly?  Make a lot of babies with my wife.  Travel and stuff would be cool, but nothing is as cool as making babies with your wife… sex, dumbass!  SEX!
  56. If You Could Go Back In Time, What Year Would You Travel To?:  1787, to see the Constitution of the United States of America finally created.
  57. If You Were Ruler Of Your Own Country, What Would Be The First Law You Would Introduce?:  You must take a comprehensive physical, then take a written and drivers test before getting licensed to drive an automobile.  Once licensed, you must renew your license every year via the same criteria previously listed, or driving privileges are revoked.  Hey, if you’re such a good driver, why’re you so scurrrrred?
  58.  If You Could Choose To Stay A Certain Age Forever, What Age Would It Be?:  25.  I could heal fast from injuries, I rarely got hangovers, I could eat all the junk food I wanted to and not gain weight… good times.
  59. If You Were Immortal For A Day, What Would You Do?:  Climb Mount Everest and fall down on purpose to see what it would be like to fall down 29,000 feet going at terminal velocity.
  60. If You Had To Change Your First Name, What Would You Change It To?:  Wouldn’t change it.
  61. If You Could Meet Anyone, Living Or Dead, Who Would You Meet?:  Yamamoto Kansuke, Takeda Shingen’s battle strategist… or Alexander the Great.  I already met R. Lee Ermey a couple of times (great man by the way), Daniel Inouye, George W. and Laura Bush so I consider that part of my bucket list complete.
  62. If You Could Know The Answer To Any Question, Besides “What is the meaning of Life?”, What Would It Be?:  How come hot dogs come in packages of eight, and hot dog buns come in packages of ten?  I mean, seriously?!
  63. If You Could Be Any Fictional Character, Who Would You Choose?:  Deadpool, when he was wearing the Infinity Gauntlet.
  64. What Was Your Favorite Childhood Memory?:  Just hanging out with my Dad.  Which I still do on the weekends.
  65. Where Was The Last Place You Travelled?:  Pennsylvania, but it was for business.
  66. What Did You Want To Be When You Were Younger?:  A combat helicopter pilot.  But as I grew older, I realized that I wanted to be a combat helicopter pilot in the movies or on television.
  67. What Was The First Thing You Learned How To Cook?:  Fried Rice.  As long as the rice is dry, and you don’t add too much shoyu and oyster sauce, you can’t mess it up.
  68. What’s The Best Gift You Have Been Given?:  My daughter.
  69. What’s The Worst Gift You Have Received?:  I can’t really say I’ve ever had a bad gift.  I guess I’m just lucky.
  70. Have You Ever Worn The Same Underwear For More Than 2 Days In A Row?:  Yes.  If you can’t understand why, you’ve never been in the military.
  71. Have You Ever Regifted Something That You Received As A Gift?:  HELL NO!  That shit is mine… unless you give me 200% markup, then that’s a different story.  Cash only please.
  72. Have You Ever Shit Your Pants?:  I’m a guy.  Of course I shit my pants.  What guy hasn’t?
  73. What Are You Currently Listening To?:  Nothing in particular, it’s mood dependent.  I usually listen to whatever is on the radio for the most part, or I catch up on some podcasts.
  74. What Are The Five Things You Do Every Single Day?:  Check my phone (when I can), Check Facebook and repost random things, Check My Email, Check my Bank account, Take a moment to relax.
  75. Aside From Necessities, What One Thing Could You Not Go A Day Without?:  Having a good laugh.  At least one.
  76. How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning?:  No less than 5 and no more than 15 minutes.  Somewhere in between, depending on the situation.
  77. What Kitchen Appliance Do You Use Every Day?:  You don’t want me near the kitchen.
  78. What’s One Item You Always Have In Your Fridge?:  Shoyu
  79. What Sound Do You Love?:  Laughter
  80. Do You Want Children One Day?:  I already have my daughter, and wouldn’t trade anything in the world for her.
  81. Do You Want To Be Married One Day?:  Already am.
  82. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?:  In Washington State somewhere, with my wife and daughter, living our lives, and living the dream.
  83. What Is One Thing You Will Never Do Again?:  Eat Durian.  That shit is nasty.
  84. What Is One Thing You Will Never Stop Doing?:  Being a Soldier.  What can I say?  It’s a part of me.
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