A piece of property in Kalihi has been a concern for neighbors for years, and now the city is taking action.

The dilapidated house on N. School Street has been abandoned for years, and neighbors are concerned it poses a health and safety hazard.

The city says the homeowners have not paid property taxes since 2015, and there’s an outstanding balance of $223,000.

So the city is taking action. A delinquent demand letter is being mailed out Tuesday, and a payment is due by the end of August.

If that doesn’t happen, the house will be put up for auction next May.

Neighbors are relieved that something is finally being done.

“We do find resolve in the fact that they are going to move this toward auction early next year. At the end of the day though, we just want them to tear this down,” said Rep. John Mizuno, D, Kalihi Valley. “In addition to the rodents around the house, again, just a simple match or firework that were to hit the house could turn into a little matchbox. The thing could just flame up, and if you look at the area houses around here, it could be catastrophic. I mean, all the houses around here can also be set ablaze.”

In 2013, the city passed a bill that allows it to charge property owners $5,000 per day for not maintaining their properties.00

The home was built in 1955, and has four bedrooms and one bathroom.

The value of the entire property is assessed at $611,000.

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