Millions of people are on Facebook, which makes for some fertile feeding grounds when it comes to scams.

Often times scammers use legitimate company names to try and lure you in.

That’s the case right now with a not-too-friendly offer of a free trip. The circulating post promises free trips via Delta, something the company has said is not true.

Jason Kama, Better Business Bureau of Hawaii, offers the following tips for social media users: “Make sure it’s a reputable Facebook page. Make sure you know what website you are filling these forms on. If it is not Delta’s main site, or whoever’s company’s main site, then it probably is a little too good to be true.”

This particular post is similar to one that involved Hawaiian Airlines earlier this year, and other airlines have been targeted in the past too. Click here for more information from BBB Hawaii.

Some other things to be on the lookout for when navigating contests on Facebook:

  • Keep an eye out if outdated branding is being used.
  • If it’s not hosted on the company’s website, that could be a big hint.
  • Beware if there are no contest rules available, and what kind of entry method is required.

“All they’re thinking about is the opportunity to win a free flight, or some sort of trip, which is great, especially during the summer months. Everyone wants a vacation,” Kama said. “But at the same time, little bits of information, like your address, your full name, things that seem pretty innocent can be used to perpetrate identity theft.”

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