Duran Duran has accomplished many feats over its decades-long career.

Winning Grammy Awards. Selling more than 100 million records worldwide. Influencing generations of musicians.

But the band, which catapulted to fame in the 1980s, has never performed in Hawaii until now.

KHON2’s Justin Cruz got to interview two of its members, John Taylor and Simon Le Bon, who say they’re excited to be in the islands.

“At this stage, there’s not a lot of firsts. There’s not a lot of real thrilling moments for us,” Taylor said, “so to be able to come here is a real special event for us. We’re really excited about it, and bringing the story of the band, which is what this new show is. It’s a 30-plus-year journey of music. It’s an evolution of our ideas and our growth as musicians, so to be able to bring the story here, it’s a big deal for us.”

In return, Justin shared one of his own childhood memories of the band: “The girl crush that I had as a little kid, trying to get her attention, but her attention was on her bedroom walls, which were plastered your photos all over the place.”

“The most you can hope for is to be a part of people’s lives, is to be part of the background noise that goes on,” Le Bon said. “We’re very lucky to have the kind of staying power and presence that you’re talking about. Thirty years of life on people’s, well on some people’s bedroom walls. You know who you are.”

Sunday night marks the final show for the band’s Paper Gods tour, which Le Bon promises will include high energy, a lot of dancing, and even a few off-the-wall surprises.

It starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, and tickets are still available.

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