You’ve probably heard about recycling used clothing, computers, and even mobile phones. But did you know you can also recycle used cooking oil?

It’s one of the many things that were wanted at Saturday’s e-waste recycling project for Going Green Day.

Held at the Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center, volunteers took computers, mobile phones, batteries, prom dresses, and cooking oil that organizers say will be re-used.

“We have a high demand for biodiesel fuel, not enough cooking oil. While the restaurants are doing a good job recycling cooking oil, we’re trying to get all the cooking oil from everyone’s kitchens. Any used cooking oil. Every drop counts, and we are able to provide biodiesel fuel,” Rene Mansho said.

“It’s to help our neighborhood clean up and beautify. All things will be used again in different forms,” Suzanne Chun Oakland said.

Event organizers hope Saturday’s recycling project becomes an annual event.

from KHON2
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