A helicopter ride and a 30-foot wooden wall were enough to ensure that the University of Hawai’i football team can conquer any fear of a 4th quarter deficit.

“In the 4th quarter when times are rough, do I wish we’d blow everybody out this year? Yeah, but there’s gonna be games that are going to be tight and tough and we’re gonna have to stick together and pull through. And just to observe that it’s able to be done in this group of young men that was important for me” Head coach Nick Rolovich said.

The Rainbow Warriors were invited to join the Army’s 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks Saturday morning. There, the ‘Bows were treated to a Ha’a, a ride in a CH-47, and the Army’s “Air Assault” obstacle course by their hosts.

“Believing in themselves.” Head coach Nick Rolovich said.

“Believing in each other when everyone’s watching, and you got a choice to go up and over (the wall climb) or go back down and guys going over was good.”

Diocemy Saint Juste climbs obstacle course


The team building exercises helped some of our countries finest trained athletes understand the mental toughness and cohesion required of America’s best warriors.

“It was really something else I can’t explain it.” Wide receiver Keelan Ewaliko said.

The senior finished among the top-five in time to complete the course, but admits it was much more difficult than he expected.

Nick Rolovich

“It was both challenging and super fun at the same time.” Ewaliko added. “Really challenged us mentally with the heights and real physically with all of these different maneuvers and limitations they give us so I thought it was super great but I’m kind of bummed that it’s my last year. I wish I could come back again next year. I was thinking ‘I’m gonna breeze through this, this is easy. This is a little wood climb, rope pull-ups, like just cool.’ But actually doing it I was out of breath. To run to each objective was super challenging but I really enjoyed it.”

Hawai’i will open fall camp July 27th. Their season opener is August 26th at UMass.


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