On Feb. 27, Violet received a call from a stranger who told her she won the “Megabucks Lottery.”

“They told me I won $2.5 million,” she said.

That’s when her nightmare began. The 93-year-old asked us to conceal her identity, but wanted to share her story so other kupuna wouldn’t suffer.

“My money is all gone already,” she said.

In order to collect her winnings, Violet needed to send the caller $455, so she did. The next day, the caller asked for $3,200.

“After that, it was like a daily phone call,” she said. “I thought I would have something back.”

Over the next five months, Violet got a call nearly every day for charges, some of which amounted to $10,000.

Eventually, the caller asked her to do some personal shopping, for which, he claimed, she would be reimbursed.

In April, she was asked to buy four iPhone 7s at $918 a piece. She even bought gold chains and watches. Her charges totaled more than $148,000.

“How does that make you feel?” KHON2 asked.

“Number one, stupid, that I should have really stopped halfway,” Violet replied. “(But) I not angry. I’m not angry. I can forgive them.”

The bank eventually informed her son of the withdrawals and he immediately filed a police report, then called Action Line.

But Violet’s calls haven’t stopped.

“I talked to him yesterday,” she said.

Violet is sharing her story “because I want people to know that are people outside in this world that are really dangerous. They’re in sheep’s clothing, and they’re really a bad wolf.”

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