submitted by Sean Caldwell

This formal EDC has the smallest footprint of all my carry combinations. I use it either with business/dress clothing outside of work, or when I want to go really light and discreet. Dark, black, and silver tones with a red touch for the car security tool. Stylish, slim, elegant primary knife and multi-tool with nothing looking tactical or too aggressive. I also removed the key chain and the light lanyard that I don’t really need here. Every tool looks socially “acceptable”, and can be used comfortably in public (I always use my multi-tool as my “social” knife in my other EDCs). The EDC caddy is pricey but allows me to flatten everything in my pocket and make the tools barely visible (I carry my wallet and light in the other pocket). I don’t carry this EDC often and it’s not designed to be deployed fast or for any aggressive or hard applications. Although not a necessity, I believe that the pleasure derived from having some cool tools and EDC combinations increases your motivation and your commitment to carry your more rugged, versatile and heavier Work/Everyday Carry.

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